Wednesday, 02 November 2011

Time to nominate your local heroes

EVERY year the Love Barrow Awards celebrate the best of the borough. Today it starts all over again - with nominations now open for you to put forward your local heroes.

Motoring fans would love a dirt racing track 

BRANDON Mould, 11, Furness Academy says: “I would like to see dirt racing and a modern swimming pool design because it would be good and it will be something new and I think a lot of people would like it.”

Barrow Island folk would appreciate own doctors

STEVEN Samms, 11, from Furness Academy, says: “A doctors on Barrow Island. I am aware there used to be one on Devonshire Buildings but it would be nice to have a new one.

By the community, for the community

THE North-West Evening Mail constantly strives to be at the heart of the communities it serves.

Community would like to do more for charities

JOSHUA Dale, 11, a Furness Academy pupil, says: “In Barrow I would like to see another bowling alley.

Olympic size pool would mean more competitors

KATIE Gower, 11, from Furness Academy, says: “In Barrow I would love a brand new leisure centre with an Olympic size swimming pool and diving board would be great. Me and my best friend Yasmin Ray would love a brand new leisure centre. It would be great. More and more people from Barrow could be in the Olympic Games if we did this.

Just the boost Furness needs

A GROUP which aims to boost the image of Barrow and the whole of Furness has been launched.

We need fitness and diet

MEG Norris, 12, from Furness Academy, says: “Health: Yoghurts are healthy because they are low in fat and really nice. Chicken is healthy because it’s got all the nutrients in and it’s yummy. Fruit is healthy and should be eaten more because it gives you a balanced diet.

Cricket rules made simple

AMY Clarke, from Furness Academy says: “The rules of cricket can be confusing if you’re a newcomer or simply if there isn’t a tradition in your country. Here is a simple explanation of the rules.

Free sport would make town healthy

CAITLIN O’Leary, 13, from Furness Academy says: “I would love to see a healthy snack bar in Barrow that sells vegetables and fruits, healthy juices such as orange and tomato juice.

Love to see bowling alley return to Barrow

SHARNIA Collins, 11, from Furness Academy, says: “In Barrow I would like to see a Bowling Alley.

Perfect sport for Barrow games

MEGAN Jade Ainsworth, 11, a Furness Academy pupil, says: “I picked gymnastics because it is my favourite sport and there are lots of children who like it, boys and girls that is.

We need athletics facilities

JORDAN Kidson, 11, from Furness Academy, says: “In Barrow I would like to see a bit more athletics facilities.

Horses would be attraction

EVE Franklin, 11, from Furness Academy, says: “In Barrow, I would like to see a horse riding centre. It would be great, if you didn’t have to book a lesson and you just had to ring up to check if there were places at the time you wanted to go.

New stadium would help soccer

BEN Pascoe, aged seven,says: “I would like Barrow to have a new football stadium with a training and development centre for children to go to and learn new skills and play games.

’DDH  has kept the yard alive’ 

BRIAN Bleasdale has worked across the world as a civil engineer and helped to build new harbours in Tripoli, Libya and Hong Kong.

Healthier Barrow is about sport but more besides

CAITLIN Bilton, 11, from Furness Academy, says: “In Barrow I would love to see more community services like not littering around Barrow and more picking it up not throwing it on the floor.

Bring back the bowling alley for great family days out

SHANIA Warren, 11, a Furness Academy pupil, says: “I think it would be brilliant if we had a bowling alley again because when we had a bowling alley we all had somewhere to go when we were bored and it would be a good family day out.”

Opportunity to improve town

SARAH Smith, 13, from Furness Academy, says: “To improve Barrow I believe that there should be more litter bins provided so that people will use them. I would recommend that more zebra crossings should be put in place and they are really important due to the fact that they aid children crossing the road safely.

Upgrade skate park to give more room for teens and kids

CONNOR Bower, 11, a Furness Academy pupil, says: “In Barrow it would be nice to upgrade the skate park.

Just look at what’s on your doorstep

A DEDICATED Furness fell walker has decided to turn his love of the Lake District into a photographic slide show.

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